Pony Questions November 2018

by Florence Meade


1. Q. How can I restore Baby Bouncy? A. Well, she has a lost tail but bizarrely both the tail clamp and washer were found inside. I can make her a new tailfrom a donor. Her mane is not as damaged as thought. Her body will be soaked in oxy clean and cleaned with a light abrasive to remove pindot and scuff marks. Her paint will be touched up particularly on that left eye.

2. Q. How long has it taken me to get all the pieces in this photo? A. Too long! I’m still looking for the striped saddle blanket.

3. Why is $andbar smaller at 3″ than the other lads at 4″? A. Apparently he is a colt and will be a new student of Twilight Sparkle.