OK time for an update. I’ve had a few people lately asking whether this is my own work – yes it is! I work in different styles so it may look varied but all the work on these pages is mine. If I’ve taken photos of other people’s work i.e. in a gallery then the title should indicate this.

So here goes… I like to interact with the world in lots of different ways and I currently work in museums. I have a diverse creative life and I also have a PhD in science and a background in science teaching.  Generally I’m dedicated to the public understanding of science, art and heritage and I like to work with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Sometimes I have difficulty in deciding just how to approach things creatively since I also enjoy the technical aspects of expression and can spend a lot of time learning new techniques and trying things out. So I’ve never mastered one technique but I continue to ponder and explore.  Currently the main things are singing and playing string instruments for some songs I am working on, but sometimes the things might be painting and drawing.

So this year I have been focussing on music which unfortunately I can’t post yet because it’s a collaboration (woohoo) but in the meantime I’m still posting photo collections and the odd drawing. I painted and drew in France during my summer holiday last year and I’ve been painting a lot of walls in my flat recently.  The renovations are nearing completion.  in 2014 I finished a series of coil pots that are heavily influenced by my experiences of rock as a climber and also by fungus which I spent a lot of time spotting, photographing and eating one previous autumn.

All the things I present on this weblog say something about my life experiences so perhaps it should really be called Things I Do and Make.  Florence Meade is Claire Joanne Meade, rights to all my content are reserved including words, images video and audio.  If you would like to use anything from my weblog please contact me directly regarding permissions, thank you.