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Still Life

A still life at Beaujeu

Meadow flowers with ivy and olive sprigs, a bowl with a river smoothed pebble and a piece of irradiated quartz. Watercolur and bodycolour on paper


River washed trees and surrounding hills.  Watercolour on paper.  It was so hot that I had to load the brush heavily with paint. The paint dried on the paper quickly leaving sharp edges.


Beldarna 1

A Still Life From Your Life

If I’m staying with someone I like to paint a still life from things in their house…

Kat and Pete’s House

Still Life, Kat's things

Jean and Bob’s House

Still Life for Jean and Bob 2013


This is from 1997 when I was still at school; I was always discouraged from this graphic style by teachers so I don’t have much around.

Louis detail

Lakenheath Fen and Marsh Harrier

On a windy April day with sunny spells we watched Marsh Harriers through our binoculars.

01 Lakenheath Fen with Lata, Pad and Tom

A Marsh Harrier, my contribution to Cambridge Community Quilt.


Marsh Harrier painted at school after work experience at Wicken Fen.


Black Urn

Black Urn

I admit I’m getting too much mileage out of old stuff recently (this is from 1995) but I am posting this to set the bar; I really want to get back into regular practice with water colours.