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Beldarna 1

The Wasp

I wandered lonely as a wasp, who cannot find her feet
For every time she tries to land upon a tasty treat,
Waving hands and tempers flared, thwart her simple plan;
She only wants to settle down and feast upon some jam.

Quiet Spaces

On the theme of people sharing their homes and giving the gift of peace…

IMAG0973Jerei’s House, Summer 2014

Jeana nd Bob'sJean and Bob’s House, Summer 2013

Kettle's Yard

Kettle's Yard where the fine attention to detail in the colours, forms, space and play of natural light produce perfect serenity.Kettle’s Yard Summer 2014

The attention to detail in the colours, forms and light in the space produces a perfect serenity.

He Said

“I don’t know what else I can say,
I could hang on the ‘phone anyway
And just listen to your static.”

I’m ecstatic


Today my heart feels full, like a comb full of honey
Swollen like a harvest moon it presses on my chest
Making my breaths short and my temperament cross
Anxiety looms


Hope that is slightly less bad now?