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Beldarna 1

The Wasp

I wandered lonely as a wasp, who cannot find her feet
For every time she tries to land upon a tasty treat,
Waving hands and tempers flared, thwart her simple plan;
She only wants to settle down and feast upon some jam.


Engines groan, urging and streets sigh
Fight and win or lose and die
White frames and harsh lights for the new under glass
Dirty mouths and dark shadows for the old in the underpass
Bodies sat in chairs, chattels hanging, wired in
No-one knows the future but they keep on spinning
Vigilant faces scan the melee
Empty hearts that make their way
Check in on themselves once in a blue moon
How do you feel? Who are you?

Lakenheath Fen and Marsh Harrier

On a windy April day with sunny spells we watched Marsh Harriers through our binoculars.

01 Lakenheath Fen with Lata, Pad and Tom

A Marsh Harrier, my contribution to Cambridge Community Quilt.


Marsh Harrier painted at school after work experience at Wicken Fen.


Collages as A5 Cards

For Sister

Collage 1 ‘Cocoon’ – For Sister

For Mother

Collage 2 ‘Peonies’ – For Mother