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A still life at Beaujeu

Meadow flowers with ivy and olive sprigs, a bowl with a river smoothed pebble and a piece of irradiated quartz. Watercolur and bodycolour on paper


River washed trees and surrounding hills.  Watercolour on paper.  It was so hot that I had to load the brush heavily with paint. The paint dried on the paper quickly leaving sharp edges.

Lakenheath Fen and Marsh Harrier

On a windy April day with sunny spells we watched Marsh Harriers through our binoculars.

01 Lakenheath Fen with Lata, Pad and Tom

A Marsh Harrier, my contribution to Cambridge Community Quilt.


Marsh Harrier painted at school after work experience at Wicken Fen.


Black Urn

Black Urn

I admit I’m getting too much mileage out of old stuff recently (this is from 1995) but I am posting this to set the bar; I really want to get back into regular practice with water colours.